Elvira's Creepy Crawlers Bracelet in Bronze

$56 $78
Elvira’s many fans and admirers frequently ask for advice on how to give their own look a little ‘edge.’ Her secret is jewelry. Now, everyone’s favorite vamp brings her special brand of magic to women worldwide, conjuring up mystery, seduction and glamour. Her collaborator is American designer and manufacturer of world-class fashion jewels, Sweet Romance. Passion emanates from each piece, blending fascination of the dark side with timeless beauty. Mesmerizing sculptures, sophisticated silhouettes and quirky themes capture the essence of Elvira’s signature style. Extraordinary artistry, imagination and craftsmanship make each piece unique. Perfect for today...and all eternity.

The Egyptian scarab beetle is one of the members of this quintet, including a bee, spider, wasp and exotic beetle. It transmits enough amulet power to provide the protection, perseverance and confidence many people attribute to insects. Each creature is struck from vintage metal dies, preserving their delicate form and detail - every leg and every feeler. The bracelet panels are bordered in black enamel with crystal accents at the corners. It features a hidden box and insert clasp. Go ahead...steal the show.

DESIGNED BY: Sweet Romance
ORIGIN: Fabricated by hand in Los Angeles

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