Spider Jewel Earrings by Insect Diva


Only 3 pieces in stock!

These stunning and very limited Spider Jewel earrings by Insect Diva are made from a very small supply of true vintage European acrylic crystals and will be a rare addition to any jewelry wardrobe. These earrings are inspired by the immense allure and beauty of the spider web, a true symbol of femininity. These uniquely hand crafted crystal spiders dangle 2.75 inches from a custom silver spiderweb charm post and are light enough to be supported by a thin leaf.
Your earrings come with a story from Dr. Diana about the amazing symbol of female strength and ingenuity that the spider's web is, and hung from the naturally ornate veins of a real leaf and placed within a shimmering silver foil gift box. Hand made with love in the USA of imported and domestic parts and small irregularities are a reminder of the human hands that made these in the old tradition of handmade jewelry.

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