Laura Byrnes California Twill Underskirt in White

Inspired by the underpinnings that Dior designed in the 40’s and 50’s, this innovative underskirt will give you a whole new appreciation towards vintage inspired foundation wear. Two layers of sturdy white twill are designed to make your skirts full yet remain flat around the tummy area for girls who don't want the look of crinolines, petticoats, or overly full skirts. It has an elastic waist band that is designed to nip in your waist and two snaps which go in the front. Because of the stiffness of the twill, this can be worn to provide hip fullness on any length skirt and the two layers of canvas means that it doesn't make contact with your skin in the same way that net petticoats do - this makes it great for warm weather wear without getting overheated and for general fluff and comfort all year round.

DESIGNED BY: Laura Byrnes
ORIGIN: Made in the USA
FIT NOTES: Fits true to size, please check the size chart for each item.

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