Got some questions you'd like answered?  Check out our FAQ below and see if this can help you out... if the below doesn't answer any of your questions, shoot us a chat, email, or hit us up in The Lounge - and we'll get to you! 


Q: How can I return an item?

A: Please review our RETURN POLICY and visit our RETURN PORTAL in order to initiate your return. Read through the ENTIRETY of the Returns Policy as we have made changes as of May 2022.

Q: I received a damaged / wrong item(s), what do I do?

A: Please contact us via email at contact@pinupgirlclothing.com



Q: I don’t see it on the website anymore! Where is it?
A: We are still working this section out. However, we post on our newsletter what NEW items we have and Items we have BACK IN STOCK.  Please follow our newsletter for more info to stay updated.


Q: I can’t log onto my account!! HELP!
A: Do not fret, your account is not lost. Simply follow these steps: -

  • Create a NEW ACCOUNT using your original login, it will then prompt you and you will be able to log on and have all your historical information there.
  • If this does not work and you’re still unsure, shoot us a chat online and we can help you out. 

Q: I have logged in and I don’t see my points…..
A: Click the bottom left pink button and you should see all your points on there.

Q: I accidentally converted my points as a rewards and got a code, and I don’t want to use my code just yet, how do I get my points back?
A: No worries! That code you got doesn't expire. Simply just save it, and use it for your next purchase.  If you’d rather just have it go back to your account, let us know the code, and we can help you out. Just contact us either through Chat, or the Submit Form.


Q: I can’t find the Search Button.
A: It will either be on the top Right Hand Corner (The little Magnifying Glass) OR, the 3 little lines on the top Left Hand Corner – click that and a side menu will pop up, scroll down and you’ll see “SEARCH”.

Q: I want to see all the clothes… how come I can’t?
A: You can! Simply just click the top link that says: SHOP CLOTHING.  ALL clothing items will show up.  Same goes for ACCESSORIES.  Simply just click ACCESSORIES at the top and all ACCESSORIES will show up.


Q: I don't know what size to pick? How does your sizing run? 
A: Under each product description, there's a tab for our Size Chart and our Size Conversion Chart.  If an item runs too small or too large, we will also put them in our Product Description under "FIT NOTES". Still got questions? Consider asking our Lounge!


Still wondering? Contact us!