Love Your Body - Premium Stretch Denim Boyfriend 4-Pocket Jeans by Laura Byrnes

Relaxed fit Boyfriend jeans with a true vintage vibe, our Love Your Body Denim Boyfriend Jeans fit your frame like no other jeans will - from a snug waist all the way down to the hem which can be cuffed or left uncuffed- thanks to premium, made in the USA denim and our meticulous design. LYB Boyfriend Jeans feature a high waist in the tradition of true vintage jeans, but with the addition of an elastic back so you won’t get that annoying gap that you get with most other jeans. These jeans are very well-fitted yet have a comfortably relaxed leg width, and thanks to the high quality stretch denim they won’t lose their shape. LYB Boyfriend Jeans are the jeans you’ll want to live your life in! Wear to the office paired with one of our Work Wear tops and you’ll look put together and professional, or throw on your favorite T-shirt for classically casual chic.

Love Your Body Jeans. For work. For play. For any time of day.

DESIGNED BY: Laura Byrnes
ORIGIN: Made in the USA
FIT NOTES: Please note, this style is meant to have a relaxed fit. Due to the stretch denim you may fit 2 or 3 sizes and be able to size up or down from the listed measurements depending on your fit preference. Please check the size chart for each item.

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